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Growing Deeper Show Notes

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Victory Gardens made a comeback during Covid. This is an opportunity for us to talk about a significant movement in home horticulture- similar in many ways to the current movement of sustainable/habitat gardening at home.

The days are getting warmer (between snowstorms) and we're getting excited for spring!

Between the Spring Affair plant list and the Bloom Box design archives this episode is dedicated to pre-spring "window" shopping.

In today’s episode, Sarah and Hanna revisit the foundation of good gardening: soil. If you’re ready to get into the garden, now is a good time to work on your soil before you start spring planting.

Our interests and hobbies matter to the people who care about us most, sometimes they come along for the ride, diving in with us, and sometimes they cheer us on while appreciating the fruits of our labors (pun definitely intended).

We took a look at some of the research around using plants to create community in public spaces and keep those spaces safe and inviting.

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