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Growing Deeper Show Notes

6: Birds

Bird bath, potted cedar tree, squirrel proof bird feeder, hummingbird at feeder, Red Bellied Woodpecker near a tree in winter, Rose Breasted Grosbeak by feeder.

Many gardeners are birders and many birders are gardeners. It’s a natural crossover as you work in the garden to notice the birds that come and go. Sometimes they’ll even follow after you; digging for worms in your new plantings or picking up seeds scattered during your cleanup efforts.

Birds are so crucial to the health of our ecosystem and our gardens that it’s good to take a moment to appreciate them and look for ways to encourage them to come back.

Check out this recipe for homemade suet feeders like Hanna made. They aren’t exactly like the suet feeders you buy in the store and do require nuts to attract traditional suet feeding birds. Also, remember to hang them where a bird has a perch to stand on while they eat (not hanging loose in the air).

Other DIY bird feeders, courtesy of Project Learning Tree.



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