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Tips, Help & How-To

Plants & Flowers

Questions about what to plant and where and when to plant it? We can help! The following articles offer tips and advice for how and what to plant in your yard and garden, including plant lists for particular growing conditions as well as general how-to articles.

Plant Lists

Pollinator Plants for Eastern Nebraska

Pollinator Plants for Eastern Nebraska -- Spanish language version  

Pollinator Plants for Western Nebraska

Pollinator Plants for Western Nebraska -- Spanish language version

Plants That Attract Specific Pollinators

Seasonal Pollinator Garden Guide

Native Prairie Plants Guide

Ideal Plants for a Xeriscape (low water garden)

Plants for Sandy Soil

Plants for a Cutting Garden

Long-lasting Perennials

Predator-resistant Plants (to deter deer and rabbits)

What to Plant for Early Spring Blooms

Good Groundcover Plants - to use instead of mulch

Plants That Make Good Combinations

Perennial Herbs

Plants for a Kids' Garden

Easy-to-Establish Plants

All about Blazing Star/Gay Feather (Liatris)

Wildflowers for Your Garden

Plus, check out our 2023 Great Plants recommendations -- the perennial, grass, shrub, tree and conifer of the year. 


Gardening with Prairie Plants

Tips for Prairie Gardens

Planting with Prairie Natives

Rain Gardens 101

Bulb Planting

Dealing with Difficult Plants

Enjoying Nebraska's Wildflowers

Serendipity in the Garden

Winter Interest in the Garden: Seedheads

How to Force Early Spring Blooms

Plants Provide (The Seed, 2020)

Understanding and Managing Weeds (The Seed, 2019)

Why Plant Prairie (The Seed, 2015)