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Ten Free Trees


10 Free Trees to Plant in Your Community

Ten Free Trees Applications will be available June 1, 2023.

Thanks to a collaborative effort of the Nebraska Forest Service and Nebraska Statewide Arboretum, we are able to offer free trees for approved public projects and events. This program offers up to 10 trees per project. Trees are available to plant in the fall. 

Projects can be quite variable, but do need to be on public property and provide clear public benefit. The only match requirement is that the recipient conduct public outreach efforts (community tree celebration, volunteer planting, newspaper article, social media, etc.) and report activities back to us. We are especially interested in and encourage applicants to consider street tree plantings and neighborhoods of highest need.

We pre-purchase a diverse list of high-quality trees to be distributed just prior to fall planting on a first come, first served basis. We determine which trees go where depending on recipient’s location and tree availability. Most of the trees are in the 4-8' size range —small enough to be manageable by volunteers, but big enough to have an impact.

If interested, complete and electronically submit the application by July 31 (electronic applications will be available here on June 1, 2023). Applications will be reviewed as a group at that time, but remember, the earlier the application is submitted, the higher priority it receives on the first come, first served list. Late applications will be considered.

Program Description

Send any questions or completed application to Kendall Weyers