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Wildflower Week

Nebraska Wildflower Week in June

The Arboretum promotes statewide Wildflower Week events & resources to celebrate their toughness and beauty. They grow without human care, feeding birds, butterflies and other wildlife; improving and loosening soil with their roots; and inviting us into wild places we might otherwise ignore.

“It is through close and intimate contact with a particular patch of ground that we learn to respond to the earth, to see that it really matters. We need to recognize the humble places where this alchemy occurs, and treat them as well as we treat our parks and preserves—or better, with less interference. Everybody has a ditch, or ought to. For only the ditches—and the fields, the woods, the ravines—can teach us to care enough for all the land.” Robert Michael Pyle

We'll post a list of statewide Wildflower Week events in early May, so swing by this page again then to plan all your Wildflower adventures. 

Wildflower Week Events 2023 -- Coming Soon! (early May)