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Landscaping & Design Tips for the Home Yard

If you have questions about landscaping and landscape design for your yard, you've come to the right place. The following articles offer tips and advice on a variety of landscaping topics, from what to plant where to how to maintain your lawn sustainably to how to create your own landscape design. Still have questions? Email us at 

Landscape/Garden Design

What Do You Want from Your Yard? 

What Do You Want from Your Yard  part 2

Lawn Alternatives

Garden Design Guide

Design Your Own Pollinator Garden Worksheet

Landscape Like a Pro

Cool Season Lawn Calendar 

Making a Manageable Landscape

Landscape Tips and Resolutions

Seasonal Landscape Care Guide

Tips for Drought-Tolerant Landscapes

Make a Rain Garden (webpage)

Rain Gardens 101 (downloadable handout)

Curbside Planting

The Back Yard

The Side Yard

Small Yards

The Dog-Friendly Yard

Foundation Plantings

The Front Yard

Street Trees

Tips for Landscaping on a Budget

Plan It or Wing It?

Landscape Challenges (The Seed, 2012)

Sustainable Landscape Design (The Seed, 2021)

Let's Rethink the Lawn (The Seed, 2022)

Understanding and Managing Weeds (The Seed, 2019)

The Future of Our Landscapes (The Seed, 2017)

Working Toward a Waterwise Landscape (The Seed, 2013)

Plants, Trees & Turf

Better Together: Good Plant Combinations

Healthy Trees in Your Yard

Tips for Prairie Gardens

Planting with Prairie Natives

Gardening with Prairie Plants

Designing with Trees

How to Reduce Weeding

Planting to Attract Wildlife

Turf Grass Tips