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55: Vegetable Seed Starting

seed starting under grow lights, caption reads: Kyle’s current setup is much more advanced than where he started! Grow lights let him work in the basement, clothes pins allow air flow under tray covers, crock pot helps keep warm/moist air moving. Some see

Kyle Martens, friend of the podcast and garden enthusiast, joins us to talk about how he starts vegetable seeds at home. He has some great tips on timing, supplies, and realistic expectations for beginners.

Essentials for starting seeds:

  1. medium (soil), buy it or make it but keep it needs to hold nutrients and drain well
  2. receptacle (something to put your soil in), there are very fancy options but all you really need is something that holds soil and has a drainage hole
  3. water in a spray bottle (for watering very small seeds or raising the humidity) and a watering can (for larger seedlings get larger and fertilizing)
  4. fertilizer, a simple balance mix
  5. light, can be a window or a light bulb
  6. temperature, 55-70* is ideal

He credits Community Crops, a local nonprofit based in Lincoln, NE with much of what he has learned but there is no doubt he has expanded on what they taught him!

For free compost in Lincoln check out EarthFuel (used to be LinGrow).

For low cost compost in Omaha check out Oma- grow.


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