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Growing Deeper Show Notes

4: Spring Cleanup

Sarah’s spring cleanup tools: rake, trowel, weed digger, pruners and painters knee pads. Hanna’s favorite tools include her apron, hat, eye protection, gloves, pruners a trowel and weed digger. Sarah's garden in early spring and first blooms.

Don’t grab that rake yet! It’s still not quite time to start cleaning up the garden. We just want to help you get ready and maybe talking about it will let off some of that impatience we’re all feeling about now. The cold and snow last week helped calm us down at least- it was getting hard not to start working when it was pushing 70.

For the sake of our plants and our wildlife (pollinators, small mammals, and birds) we try not to clean up our gardens until late April. The leaf debris, remaining seed heads and stems are important habitat that won’t be replaced until things start growing.

Scythe update:

I found 3 pronunciations (sithe, si, and saith) but it sounds like sithe is the most typical in the US. 
A scythe has a long handle and is used standing up. 
A sickle has a short handle and is used crouched on the ground. 
Now I have decisions to make! Do I want a scythe or a sickle? Or both? 
Find information about free mulch from the City of Lincoln; one caution is that this mulch comes from tree removals so keep an eye out for metal and plastic debris.



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