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Growing Deeper Show Notes

16: Late Summer in the Garden

Ruby Chrystal grass (annual) in front of the Dairy Store on East Campus. Hanna’s mystery plant; Licorice Mint Hyssop in front of the East Campus Union. A bumblebee visiting Sarah’s Ipomopsis (scarlet gilia). Before and after a quick post-bloom haircut.

School may have started but it's still summer! We've weathered the July/August heat flash and are ready to get back outside. We're playing a little bit of catch-up and looking forward to fall.

We're building a greenhouse!!!! This is going to be so exciting for all of NSA's programs but especially Bloom Box. We'll be able to have a permanent home rather than renting space from the research facilities on campus. We hope this means big things for our ability to get native plants to gardeners across the state. If you would like to help support this project you can cast your vote in our staff fundraising competition (remember a vote for Sarah is a vote for Bloom Box! ;-).

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