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24: Solstice Wonderland

Hanna’s Yule Log cake from last year

The winter solstice is drawing near! This week we're talking about winter survival methods, human and animal. For humans, a major cold survival tactic is to celebrate with feasts and holidays; so we're learning about solstice festivals around the northern hemisphere.

Our horticulture assistant John has a background in herpetology and an interest in all sorts of animals. He joins us to share some of the interesting strategies different animals have for surviving the big cold.

This week we also recorded our first Bloom Box Kids episode with John! It's about 10 minutes long about different ways animals survive the winter. If you're celebrating the solstice by putting out food for wildlife, this episode may help start the conversation.

The Dark Side of the Moon update: All parts of the moon have light at different times, its just that since it is tidally locked we only see one side of the moon. So it “appears” to have a dark-side that is constant to us. Learn more

Join us on a Solstice Hike in Lincoln, NE!

Hanna's Solstice celebration resources:

Armchair Experts episode with Neil Degrasse Tyson

Links from John:

UNL Herpetology

NE Game & Parks

Prairie Ecologist



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