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What We Do

We plant Nebraska for healthy people, vibrant communities and a resilient environment.

We do this through tree planting, garden making, community building, and education.

  • Nance's Testimony

    When I consider what I could be proud of, nothing makes me feel better than the plants I’ve helped get planted. The trees that Bob helped me plant for my neighborhood association through a grant program. They were tiny, hopeful little things that are now becoming real trees that provide shade, shelter for wildlife and a healthier environment. Long after we’re gone, those trees will be there. How cool is that?
    -Nance Harris, Past NSA Board President

Our Impact In 2023

At the heart of our work is the mission to support communities throughout Nebraska when they have a sustainable landscaping or gardening idea, but need help accomplishing it. We work with their Green Teams to make a plan, coordinate the project and provide funding. From planting 10 free trees to multi-year green infrastructure installations, we do what it takes to Plant Nebraska for healthy people, vibrant communities and a resilient environment. 

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Planting Future Tree Lovers

NSA Sustainable Landscape Coordinator Sarah Buckley helps kindergarteners at Wahoo Elementary plant a Northern catalpa tree.

When you think of Nebraska Statewide Arboretum, you might recall our 100+ arboretums and landscape stewardship affiliate sites across the state or the many community projects we do with our municipal partners and local businesses. What you might not know is that we also partner with Nebraska schools to help youngsters (and their teachers!) learn about the importance of trees and native pollinator plants in creating a sustainable landscape.

Last week we connected with kindergarteners and high schoolers at Wahoo Public Schools to plant Northern catalpa, sycamore, American linden and black cherry trees throughout the sprawling grounds. As the trees mature, they will provide much-needed shade in the parking lot and along the street.

“Connecting kids with nature helps them understand that nature is more than things we see, but is living and breathing all around us, and that can have a positive impact on them,” said Josh Synder, director of learning for Wahoo Public Schools. “Experiences like this tree planting help to reenergize young learners to the positive benefits of the outdoors. Trees, flowers, butterflies and bees…it’s a great place to start.”   

Later in the week, NSA staff stopped at Underwood Hills Learning Center in Omaha to help 20 preschoolers plant a pollinator garden. The kids learned about why pollinator plants like milkweed, aster and coreopsis are important to butterflies, bees and other insects, and they enjoyed planting the perennials with their very own trowels donated by NSA’s Bloom Box @School program.

NSA's Bloom Box @School program is free to participating schools. Each school receives a 100 square foot Bloom Box garden, five hand trowels, 15 pairs of gloves and a 5 gallon bucket. In return, they send one or two teachers to Project Learning Tree outdoor education training and create a club for students to plant and learn in the garden.

“This program benefits teachers, students and the environment,” said NSA Sustainable Landscape Coordinator Sarah Buckley. “It really is a win-win for everyone, plus it’s a lot of fun!”

If you’d like to help support NSA’s Bloom Box @School program, visit our Amazon Wish List to see what supplies we need. Thank you!  

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