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Tree Planting

Lincoln Correctional Center Orchard Planting

Lincoln Correctional Center Orchard Planting

The Project:

In May of 2012, the Lincoln Correctional Center held a tree-planting ceremony to celebrate the planting of an orchard of fruit and nut trees planted with the assistance of community custody inmates. Besides providing food for the inmate population, the orchard will give them an opportunity to learn about tree care, be outdoors and do meaningful work, both during their stay and when they return to their community.

Who was Involved:

Nebraska Department of Correctional Services, Nebraska Forest Service and the Nebraska Statewide Arboretum


Alliance for Community Trees, Peoples Garden Grant Program


  • After about five years of growth, fruit trees should be able to produce 20 bushels of fruit annually to go along with the 30,000 pounds of potatoes, 3,000 pounds of tomatoes and peppers also being grown.
  • When all of the trees are planted and producing fruit and nuts, it is estimated that $20,000 in food costs can be saved annually at the Lincoln Correctional Center.
  • Inmates can return to their communities with horticultural¬† skills.