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What We Do

We plant Nebraska for healthy people, vibrant communities and a resilient environment.

We do this through tree planting, garden making, community building, and education.

  • Nance's Testimony

    When I consider what I could be proud of, nothing makes me feel better than the plants I’ve helped get planted. The trees that Bob helped me plant for my neighborhood association through a grant program. They were tiny, hopeful little things that are now becoming real trees that provide shade, shelter for wildlife and a healthier environment. Long after we’re gone, those trees will be there. How cool is that?
    -Nance Harris, Past NSA Board President

Our Impact In 2021

The crux of the work we do is supporting communities throughout Nebraska when they have an idea, but need help accomplishing it. We work with their Green Teams to make a plan, coordinate the project, and provide funding. From planting 10 free trees to multi-year green infrastructure installations we do what it takes to Plant Nebraska for healthy people, vibrant communities, and a resilient environment. 

  • Grant Dollars Distributed


  • Trees Planted


  • Plants in the Ground


  • People Reached


Redbuds and Unsuspecting Students

A grove of trees and small shrubs on UNL's East Campus.

I sometimes walk from Forestry Hall to Keim Hall on the UNL East Campus and pass through a grove of trees including several large redbuds. There used to be a foot path through it but they’ve stopped mulching and weeding the area under these trees and there is now a carpet of redbud seedlings coming up that I have to wade through if I continue to use this shortcut. This groundcover of redbuds is thick enough to outcompete other weedy woodies like mulberry, elm and buckthorn. It’s a bit wild and woolly and I love it. I’ve always been impressed at how common redbud seedlings can be in the landscape when parent trees are nearby. They have a hard little seed that is eaten by many birds that I assume help spread it around. I do notice that unsuspecting students give me an interesting look when I emerge out of the trees now. I suppose I better start using the sidewalks like they intended.

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