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Why Waterwise

Waterwise Program

Ready to change your community? We can help. The Waterwise Program provides resources, education, and funding opportunities to help Nebraska communities protect their water resources.

You Can Help Protect Nebraska's Water Resources

Water is a finite resource and is not being used wisely or protected in many of our communities. Most towns and cities are designed to move rainwater into storm sewers or drainage areas as quickly as possible; causing erosion, pollution and overtaxed sewer systems. The green spaces in these communities offer a unique opportunity to help solve these problems but are not being used to their full potential.

Trees, shrubs, landscaping, gardens, parks and natural areas all help slow rain water and allow it to soak into the ground- before it even reaches the street and the sewer. Plants like grasses and sedges can help filter out sediment from erosion as well as pollutants from water that has traveled over pavement, lawns or been collected by roofs. Native species in particular help increase biodiversity and habitat as well as requiring less watering and less chemical use to maintain.

We created this publication to show how people across Nebraska are using plants to solve problems in their communities. Take a look for some inspiration, and feel free to share it with a neighbor, local advocate or elected official to start a conversation.

What Does It Mean to Be Waterwise?

Here's what we think about when envisioning the possibilities for a Waterwise Community.