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Bloom Box

Bloom Box Graduate

Announcing: Bloom Box Graduate Program

Bloom Box Graduates help us continue to serve this beautiful gardening community while continuing to reach new gardeners every year.

How does it work?

Starting this spring, your 5th Bloom Box garden will be your 'Senior Project' and you will graduate to learning more about how a garden is planned and growing deeper in how to manage and enjoy your native landscape.

Each June and October we will celebrate our new graduates by featuring their gardens in a virtual tour and we may even have a small graduation surprise coming ;-)

What are the benefits?

As a Bloom Box Graduate, you remain a valuable member of our garden community and we hope you will continue to join us for:

  • Bloom Box exclusive greenhouse days
  • In our Facebook group
  • For webinars and virtual events

But...since you are graduating there will be some additional opportunities as well:

  • Exclusive education opportunities to 'grow deeper' on gardening topics
  • Landscape Planning Workbook and training
  • Seed collection training, learn how to collect and store seed for your own use or to help supply our greenhouse
  • Support as you mentor new gardeners in your neighborhood
  • Consider joining our My Garden affiliate program which recognizes and supports gardeners who are working to make their communities a 'greener' place.

The Rules

There aren't many, this isn't an effort to limit your gardening efforts but to make sure we are supporting both growing and new gardeners. We also want you to recognize how much you have learned since your first planting!

  • If you are close to, or over, 5 Bloom Box gardens you will receive a personal email. If you ever want to confirm how many you have received just send us a message.
  • Everyone is eligible to order this spring, regardless of how many past orders you have, we will begin graduating folks in June.
  • There will be exceptions to this program, some examples might be: if you moved, community groups who plant Bloom Boxes around their town, schools and educational group who are gardening with new students each year. If you have questions, just ask!