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Bloom Box Sponsorships

Give a Gift that Grows

Everyday nature is disappearing in cities and towns across Nebraska, leaving us disconnected from our environment and each other. You have helped make our state a healthier place to live, work and play by planting and caring for your Bloom Box garden. Bloom Box makes gardening with nature easy for families who want to start, but don’t know how. Help us offer scholarships to schools and low-income families with your gift.

With Bloom Box, You'll Help Nebraska—

Relax, Unwind, De-stress. This is the top reason we give for why we garden. We also do it to express our creativity, to spend time together and to add beauty
to our lives. In many ways, gardening makes us feel good.

Plant for Wildlife. With Bloom Box you're supporting pollinators like the monarch Butterfly and the rustypatch bumblebee, both under assessment for
endangered status.

Save Water. You're protecting Nebraska's water resources by growing plants that don't need irrigation or fertilizer like traditional lawn, and whose deep roots
clean water before it flows into our rivers and streams.

What's in a Bloom Box?
  • Personalized mix of 12-60 unique, winter-hardy flowers and grasses, selected by experts and ready to plant in starter-sized pots.
  • Smart, simple how-to guide for easy growing.
How to Give

Your gift will help offer Bloom Box scholarships to low-income families and schools across Nebraska. We want to break the economic barriers that often prevent Nebraska schools and neighborhoods from benefiting from nature. Your gift will help children and families across the state improve their environment with greenspaces and take part in protecting Nebraska's wildlife and water resources.

Contact Sarah with any questions:, 402-853-0292

As a Thank You
  • $5-19: A personalized thank you note
  • $20-49: An NSA rain gauge
  • $50-99: 2 tickets to a Bloom Box Garden tour
  • $100-499: All previous gifts and an “I plant Nebraska” Garden sign
  • $500-999: All previous gifts and 2 tickets to the Spring Affair Preview Party
  • $1000+: All previous gifts, 2 tickets for a Growers Circle Exclusive event, a Bloom Box to gift or keep

Who are we?

We plant Nebraska.

Nebraska Statewide Arboretum is a member-based non-profit with the mission to plant Nebraska for healthy people, vibrant communities and a resilient environment.

We value partnership.

We unite with individuals and organizations who care about the special places and people that make their street—their neighborhood, their town, their state—home.