Make a difference in our community.

Give to Lincoln Day... give from now until May 18th!

What will our homes and communities be like in 20 years?  We want them to have purposeful beauty—shady streets, clean water, pollinators and a diversity of healthy plants that make us want to get outdoors. Join us in planting a healthy and compelling future.

Careful planning and planting make a difference,
your gift can make it possible.
Give today!

Your gift can plant a tree, an entire landscape, an outdoor classroom or a public garden… and serve as a model for the difference purposeful beauty can make.

From the smallest village to the most urban neighborhood, through partnerships and long-term stewardship, our vision is to help create more vibrant, healthy communities for all Nebraskans.

Give a gift that plants purposeful beauty for generations to come.

Every gift and effort makes a difference!