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Bloom Box

Super Bloom Box

Bloom Box + Weed Shield PlantPack = a pollinator garden defended from weeds.


$144  Sign up July 1st.

$50 discount, applied at check out, offered thanks to support from the Nebraska Environmental trust (while supplies last).

What's in this Bloom Box?

24 plants, live in 3-inch-deep pots, chosen just for you.

36 plant plugs, live in 6-packs.

Expert advice on how to start with prep, planting and care.

A plant-by-color plan to show you what goes where.

Plant Cards with facts on each species and its pollinator partners.

A yard sign to mark your new pollinator habitat.

Facebook access to our Bloom Box Gardener Group.

Covers 100 square foot area.

5-6 species of perennial flowers and grasses.

1 species of garden weaver and 1 species of garden seeder.

Average mature height of 30 inches, maximum mature height of 48 inches (not including flower stalks).

Choose one of three layout options (front-facing, rectangle, corner wrap-around or island).

Take the Garden Quiz to help us tailor Bloom Box to your site's sun, soil and moisture conditions.