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Bloom Box

Bloom Box Booster

Every garden needs a boost once in a while- whether you need to replace plants or want to add new species we can help.

$24   Sign up July 1st.

What's in this Booster?

7 plants, live in 3" deep pots.

Expert advice on how to incorporate these plants into your garden.

Plant Cards with facts on each species and its pollinator partners.

Facebook access to our Bloom Box Gardener Group.

Boom Box Booster is designed to supplement or revitalize a Bloom Box garden, if you haven't joined the program yet please start with a Bloom Box.

Designed to supplement a 75-100 square foot Bloom Box garden with replacement or additional plants.

2 species, your choice of spring, summer or fall bloomers or a grass.

Average mature height of 30 inches, maximum mature height of 48 inches (not including flower stalks).