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Bloom Box

Welcome bees and butterflies to your yard with this 6x10 foot garden of 12 plants chosen just for you.

$54   Sign up July 1st.

What's in this Bloom Box?

12 plants, live in 3-inch-deep pots, chosen just for you.

Expert advice on how to start with prep, planting and care.

A plant-by-color plan to show you what goes where.

Plant Cards with facts on each species and its pollinator partners.

Facebook access to our Bloom Box Gardener Group.

Opportunity for a planting day or classroom visit. tailored to your students.

Perfect for a 60 square foot garden.

4 species of perennial flowers and grasses.

Average mature height of 30 inches, maximum mature height of 48 inches (not including flower stalks).

Tell us about your gardening style.

Take the Garden Quiz to help us tailor Bloom Box to your site's sun, soil and moisture conditions.