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How Bloom Box Works

Bloom Box is sold out for spring planting! Fall sign up will begin July 1st.

Choose Your Garden

Bloom Box is best suited for gardens in Nebraska and neighboring states. If you are outside this area, check with your local nursery for pollinator plants native to your region.

*NET discounts are only available to gardens planted in Nebraska.

Bloom Box FAQs

Q: Grasses don't "bloom" so why are they included in my Bloom Box?

Good pollinator habitat includes: food (both adult and larval), shelter from weather, a place to lay eggs, water and safety from pesticides. Native grass species can provide all of these. Some grasses are even visited for their pollen! Aside from their direct benefit to pollinators, grasses are an important part a native garden. Grasses give structure to flowering plants that need support, help cover ground to prevent weeds, provide interest and structure to the garden in fall and winter, and are some of the first green leaves in spring. We feel that grasses are an important part of pollinator habitat and are important for the long-term success of your garden.

Q: What's with the mulch?

In a prairie style garden, close plant spacing removes the need for mulch after the first few years. While your plants get established, a light layer of mulch (preferably straw or grass for perennials rather than wood) helps hold in moisture and keep down weeds. As the plants mature they are better able to reach water and fill in to shade out weeds. Prairie plants don’t appreciate having deep mulch right at their base. Mulch that is too deep can often be the cause of plants that are slow to mature or are struggling to survive.

Q: Is the Bloom Box a good fit for honey bees?

Yes! While our focus is creating habitat for native pollinators (honey bees are native to Europe), Bloom Box gardens help create a healthy environment for any pollinator. Honey bees appreciate many of the same plants that our native bees do and Bloom Box can help provide them with a long term food source that is close to home and protected from chemicals. However, the research behind Bloom Box was focused on creating well-rounded habitat for native pollinators so we aren't able to change the parts of the program that don't directly benefit honey bees.

Q: Is there a guarantee for plants that don't survive?

Our horticulture program is confident in its plants and does not offer a guarantee in order to keep prices down. We do our best to ensure that we select only quality plants when each Bloom Box is packed. We pack them carefully in shredded paper and keep shipping times short. If you believe that you have received a plant in poor health please contact us with a picture before planting.

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