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Your Yard

SPRING:    Designing with trees | Caring for new plants | Watch for weeds
SUMMER: Reduce weeding | Manageable landscapes | Hummingbirds & butterflies
FALL:         Garden slowdown | Use the leaves | Attracting birds
WINTER:  Winterizing trees | What you want for your yard | Pruning trees

Seasonal monthly columns:

05/01/21       Trees to plant for Arbor Day & all year long

04/01/21       Herbs for the Landscape - Yard to Kitchen

03/01/21       Make Your DIY Landscape Look Pro

02/01/21       Making the Most of the Worst

01/01/21       Soil Care & Testing Mid-winter

12/01/20       Green Ideas for a Long Winter

11/01/20       Time to Plant Bulbs

10/01/20       Pleasures of Gardening

09/01/20       Closer to Home

08/01/20       Lonely Trees

07/01/20       Humility of Gardening

06/01/20       Plants for Sandy Soil

05/01/20       Your perfect landscape? Ask the right questions

04/15/20       Spring Blooms

04/01/20       Gardening in the Time of COVID

03/01/20       Healthy Soils

02/01/20       Nebraska's Unique Native Trees

01/01/20       Salt/de-icers in the Landscape

01/04/20       Perennials to Attract Pollinators , an Omaha World Herald feature

12/01/19       Best Woody Plants to Attract Wildlife

11/01/19       Birding with Kids

10/01/19       Burr Oak Canyon

09/01/19       Serendipity in the Garden

08/01/19       Managing Weeds

07/01/19       Garden chores - more of the good, less of the bad

06/01/19       The Earth Laughs in Flowers

05/01/19       "Difficult" Plants

04/01/19       Plants to Grow Confidence

03/01/19       Fun Facts about Trees

02/01/19       Winter Seedheads

01/01/19       A dog-friendly yard (for yard-friendly dogs)

12/01/18       Inviting Birds for the Holidays

11/01/18       Our gardens--designed or accumulated?

10/01/18       Cemeteries have much to offer

09/01/18       Gathering Now for Winter Beauty

08/01/18       Blazing Star is a Mid-summer Stunner

07/01/18       Wildflowers for Home Landscapes

06/01/18       Kids Outdoors

05/01/18       Plants for a Cutting Garden

Fruiting Plants for Wildlife

04/01/18       Layering for Wildlife

03/15/18       Not for us only, attracting birds

03/01/18       Real World Landscape Decisions

02/15/18       Marcescent Trees Hold Their Leaves

01/01/18        Gardens Past and Future

12/15/17        Holiday Decorating from Your Yard

11/15/17        Beneficial Soil Creatures

IF you're turning over vegetable soil, 10 reasons to leave big clods

10/05/17        Tips for pollinator habitat

10/05/17        Tall Things Considered

10/01/17        Trees planted in Omaha to prepare for EAB loss

Plants for variable sunlight

07/21/17        "Living" mulch keeps weeds out

07/13/17        Planting for fragrance

07/06/17        Dogwoods for Nebraska

06/01/17        Curbside planting

05/15/17        Bur Oak

05/01/17        The Small Garden

04/15/17        Arbor Day stands for more than beauty

04/01/17        EAB plant to replace

03/15/17        Woody plants for pollinators

03/01/17        Spring-flowering Trees

02/15/17        Look closely

01/15/17        Trees with Dramatic Bark

01/01/17        Best trees for birds