Staff of the Nebraska Statewide Arboretum, and of the Community Forestry & Sustainable Landscapes program of the Nebraska Forest Service.
NSA Executive Director is Christina Hoyt, listed alphabetically by last name below.

Rachel Anderson, Community Landscape Specialist
NSA programming: grants, landscape design, education, 402-472-6603, 203C Forestry Hall

Sarah Buckley, Program Coordinator
NSA programming: grants, landscape design, education, 402-472-7923, 102L Keim

Eric Berg, Program Leader, Nebraska Forest Service Community Forestry & Sustainable Landscapes. Statewide Community forestry, EAB, 402-472-6511, 1st floor Forestry Hall

Justin Evertson, Green Infrastructure Coordinator
NSA programming: grants, landscape design, trees, affiliate sites, education, 402-472-6604, 203G Forestry Hall

Bob Henrickson, Assistant Director of Horticulture Programs
NSA programming: plant propagation and sales, prairie, education, 402-472-7855, 102H Keim Hall

Graham Herbst, Nebraska Forest Service Community Forester Specialist
Omaha/Eastern Nebraska Community Forestry, 402-444-7875, 8015 W Center Rd, Omaha, 68124

Christina Hoyt, Nebraska Statewide Arboretum Executive Director (Storyhook article 2017)
NSA programming: administration, funding, strategic planning, 402-472-5049, 102K Keim Hall

Karma Larsen, Communications Associate
Publications, e-news, advertising, news releases, monthly columns, 402-472-7923, 102L Keim

Monica Nelson, Financial Associate
NSA programming: invoices, financials, 402-472-8478, 102G Keim

Tonya Rudebusch, Office Associate
NSA programming: member communications, events, 402-472-2971, 102F Keim Hall

Kendall Weyers
Sustainable Communities Coordinator, 402-472-6693, 2nd floor Forestry Hall