Plant Sales

How to Buy Plants

ONLINE SALES: We are currently having technical difficulties with our online store. We will keep you posted as we figure out what to do. Thank you for your patience, we hope to see you at one of our upcoming plant sales!

ALL SALES BELOW at NSA greenhouse, north 38th entrance to UNL east campus, unless noted.
JUNE 15     Omaha plant sale at Fontenelle Forest 9-noon at Camp Brewster location, 1313 Bellevue Blvd. N. (2 blocks north of the Nature Center). Full list of plants
JUNE 21     Friday afternoon sale 12-4:30pm
JUNE 28     Friday afternoon sale 12-4:30pm

Looking for plant information?
Plants / Resources - native & recommended plants, how-to’s, videos, ideas
Plants / Publications – prairies, trees, landscape care, pollinators...
Plants / Bloom Box - pollinator plants & resources
Plants / This Month - your yard now

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