Plant Sales

We specialize in native and well-adapted plants for the great plains. Our perennials range in size from 3"-4" standard pots and small-medium tubes, our trees and shrubs come in a wider range of sizes from medium tubes-3 gallon pots.

How to Buy Plants

Spring Plant Sales will begin in May


Want to buy plants but aren't in Lincoln or can't make it to a sale? Let us know. We can take orders by email or phone and arrange for either shipping or pickup. We update our inventory list once in the spring and once in the fall so please be prepared to make substitutions if your first choice is sold out. Browse our Plant Info Cards to learn more about the plants we grow. To place an order, contact Bob by email at or by phone at 402-472-7855.

Spring Inventory (will be posted in April)

Plant Info Cards (coming soon)

Looking for plant information?
Plants / Resources - native & recommended plants, how-to’s, videos, ideas
Plants / Publications – prairies, trees, landscape care, pollinators...
Plants / Bloom Box - pollinator plants & resources
Plants / This Month - your yard now

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