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Get Design Help

Get Design Help

Need assistance getting a public or semi-public project going? The Nebraska Statewide Arboretum can help make your dreams into reality. Over the years, we have helped hundreds of individuals, communities, businesses and design and engineering professionals develop recipes for vibrant places.

Having a firm vision is an important first step.

Our goal is to support you in getting the best outcome possible. We take on a few projects each year and charge a fee for staff and travel time. Please contact Justin Evertson, Green Infrastructure Coordinator at to begin.


Together we can transform your community, corridor or campus into a remarkable place that celebrates people and nature. Our collaborative process leads to inspirational ideas and an illustrative ‘road map’ with which to pursue funding.


We can develop a plan for your project that showcases the beauty of eco-friendly landscaping, while fitting your budget and comfort level. Get a map of plant locations and a species list to present to nurseries, contractors and volunteers.


Learn about the plants you have and how to take care of them season-by-season. Our horticulture experts are happy to draw up a management plan for your landscape or provide in-person training for whoever maintains it.

How can I find a professional in my area?

An easy way to locate design services in Nebraska is to check the membership directory of a professional society and see who’s nearby.

Nebraska Nursery and Landscape Association
American Society of Landscape Architects
Nebraska Board of Landscape Architects