The Seed 2018 is on birds. Birding links include: Birds of Nebraska Online | Nebraska Birding Trails | Nebraska Bird Library | Nebraska native plants | Project BEAK | Wild Bird Habitat Store | All about Birds | Merlin Bird ID | Merlin Bird Photo ID | Audubon Guide to North American Birds | EBird | PlantSnap | Sibley’s Songbird Sleuth

Previous publications and landscape topics:

  • Landscapes to live in; kids; green infrastructure; community forestry; trees; perspectives; challenges; medians; the shelter of each other; the will to plant; weeds & management

  • Why We Love Pollinators: Tips for Attracting Butterflies; Insects Run the World; Top 10 Tips for Habitat; Native vs. Non-native Plants; Attracting Beneficial Insects; Abbreviated Guide to Pollinators; Pollinator Plants through the Year; Some of Our Favorite Insects; Fun Facts about Insects; A Call for Backyard Diversity; Best Providers for Pollinators; Bountiful Borage; The Joy of Bugs; Beneficials beneath Your Feet; The Unseen Value of Trees; Pollinator Resources; Community as Habitat

  • Why plant prairie? Starting a prairie garden; Top 10 tips for prairie gardens; community as habitat; prairie palnts we love;; uses of prairie plants; prairies thru the year; the feel of prairie; importance of pathways; bringing prairie to the city; challenges of prairie landscapes; western prairie beauties; prairie resources.

  • Why Plant Trees? Trees We Love; Increasing Tree Diversity; “Survivor” Street Tree Style; Community Grant Projects; What Our Forests Teach Us; ReTree Nebraska; Trees through the Year; Looking ahead; Tree-planting for Success; New Trees for the Great Plains; Mistakes of Tree-planting; Misinformation on EAB; NET Funding Important; A Few Trees; The Importance of Wildness; Native Populations; Regionally Native Trees

  • Toward Drought-resilient Landscapes; Addressing Stormwater; Soil... not Dirt; A Sedge for Every Garden; Waterwise Landscapes; From Floods to Drought; Rain Barrel Fast Facts; Reseeding Annuals;

  • Weed Management; Effective Watering; Value of Mulch; Keeping Turf Environmentally Green; Garden Blunders; Favorite Landscape Plants; Top 10 Tips for Prairie Gardens; Landscapes in Transition; Tale of Two Landscapes; Groundcovers; Insects & Wildlife

  • Embracing Diversity; Beyond Sustainable; Creating beneficial landscape; Landscaping for Birds & Other Wildlife; Attracting Butterflies; From the Ground up; Resources, Native Plants & Wildlife; Landscape Design