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Nebraska Wildflower Week is celebrated the first week in June. Updates for 2021 will be posted here when finalized.
The Arboretum promotes statewide Wildflower Week events & resources that celebrate the value of native plants. Wildflowers endure tough weather, lending beauty and brightness even to landscapes rarely seen by humans. They feed birds, butterflies and other wildlife; their roots loosen and improve soil; and they lend fragrance and beauty to wild places, making us take a closer look at places we might otherwise ignore.

Wildflower Week 2020—
In Praise of Wild Places

“It is through close and intimate contact with a particular patch of ground that we learn to respond to the earth, to see that it really matters. We need to recognize the humble places where this alchemy occurs, and treat them as well as we treat our parks and preserves—or better, with less interference. Everybody has a ditch, or ought to. For only the ditches—and the fields, the woods, the ravines—can teach us to care enough for all the land.” Robert Michael Pyle

      This was a year unlike any other, a spring unlike any other, and it was a Wildflower Week unlike any other. Normally we gather for hikes, talks and other events that celebrate Nebraska’s beautiful wildflowers. But in 2020, social distancing didn't allow such numbers so it relied on personal experience, memories of wildflowers and a new way of enjoying them. There are always good ways to experience and enjoy the wildness nearby.