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Does your Nebraska public landscape need a refresh? Greener Towns MiniGrants are a simple way to get plants for your project, FAST—with Greener Towns sharing half the cost.


You Pick the Day, We Bring the Plants

Thanks to funding from the Nebraska Environmental Trust, we will be offering Greener Towns MiniGrants for approved public projects happening in 2020. This program, which delivers up to 500 plants per project, was designed for those who don’t quite fit with our larger Greener Towns program or our smaller Bloom Box program. These MiniGrants are for half the cost of plants only, with a focus on native herbaceous perennials (flowers and grasses) in 2-3" pot sizes—small enough to be manageable by volunteers, but big enough to have an impact by the planting's third year.

Who Can Apply?

Projects can be quite variable, but do need to be on property of civic importance that provides clear public benefit. Street right-of-ways, parks, schools, college campuses, civic buildings, recreation areas, neighborhood commons and cemeteries are all eligible. Individual applicants must represent a group or organization. The only other requirements are that the recipient organize a group of volunteers to help plant the MiniGrant when we arrive, and that the planting receives proper care for ten years or more.

Here's How To Get Started

Greener Towns MiniGrants are awarded on a first come, first served basis. We work with recipients to determine which plants to bring depending on project’s location and plant availability. More details can be found on the application form.

If interested, complete and submit the application by April 1, 2020. Applications will be reviewed as a group at that time, but remember, the earlier the application is submitted, the higher priority it receives on the first come, first served list.


Send any questions or completed application to Rachel Anderson, Greener Towns Coordinator.