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Community Landscapes

Find Plants Near You

Nebraska is home to a bounty of plant providers—so many that finding a quality nursery, garden center or greenhouse could be as easy as venturing right next door. From jumpstarter trees groomed in root pruning containers to prairie natives grown from local ecotype seed sources, you have options when you buy local.

It's our mission to foster sustainable landscaping across the state, and part of this means making it easier to get healthy, hardy plants, wherever you are. We asked local providers to lead this effort by carrying some of these Plants for Nebraska, a list of native and adapted species that we hope you'll grow in your next tree planting or garden project.

“Plants for Nebraska” Providers

Here's a map of who is growing Plants for Nebraska. Please contact us to get added to the list.

We Grow Plants, Too

The Nebraska Statewide Arboretum grows and sells many hard-to-find native and adapted plants in economical pot sizes. Visit our plant sale page to learn more about what we have available. For large orders or the most current inventory, contact Horticulture Program Director Bob Henrickson.

Want more options?

Check out this map of plant suppliers in Nebraska to see what's nearby.