Community Landscapes

Become an Arboretum

Gilman Park Arboretum, Pierce Nebraska

Being part of the Arboretum network promotes your garden and connects it, and your community, to similar efforts across the state.


Arboretum curators get funding opportunities, technical support, access to and discounts on plants, labels, promotion, mentorship and ideas through curator meetings, tours, enews and other resources. It’s a great way to grow friendships and share ideas.

 Our goal is to “take the arboretum to the people” through these local gardens, and to help them be places of beauty, demonstration and restoration in their home community.

List of current Affiliate Sites.

  • Learn about the benefits of affiliation and the different levels of affiliation.

  • The Nebraska Statewide Arboretum, Inc. (NSA) Landscape Steward Site Affiliation Program was developed to recognize Nebraska’s important people-planted landscapes and to form an ongoing partnership with managers and caregivers of those landscapes. Any landscape in Nebraska that demonstrates high quality design, development and maintenance, and/or significant historical or cultural importance is eligible to be nominated as a Landscape Steward site.
    1, Landscape Steward Site: A managed landscape (public or private) exhibiting excellence in design, plant diversity and maintenance. Can include multiple sites.
    2. Historic Landmark Site: Stewardship of a significant historic or cultural landscape.
    3. Community Arboretum: A community or neighborhood that exhibits excellence in promotion, planting, species diversity and care of the local community forest.

  • Accredited Arboretums focus on horticultural plant collections for display, education and research.