Project Funding

Greener Towns Program

Ready to change your community? We want to help. The Greener Towns program provides $1,000-$20,000 to make meaningful landscape projects for better quality of life. A Greener Town is defined by its commitment to foster vibrant places, healthy people and a resilient environment by planting:

  • Interactive, people-oriented places
  • Trees and gardens that thrive on less water and energy
  • Diverse habitat for wildlife and beneficial insects

How to Apply


Community groups in need of funding to create a sustainable public landscape are eligible for Greener Towns. Successful projects have volunteers, city staff and professionals that work together to complete the process. For more on the program and who should apply, review these Greener Towns Rules .

What's Reimbursable? What Counts as Match?


Groups interested in applying should form a Green Team, a planning committee of people representing those who should be actively involved with the project, like local youth, neighbors and maintenance staff. Green Team members are expected to commit approximately 3-6 hours each month over the course of the program.

How to Start a Project


Good placemaking needs a thoughtful plan. Get to know your block and your site, then use what you find out to make landscape goals. Final designs are due November 30, after initial acceptance into the program. Projects requesting over $5,000 must partner with a professional designer before applying. For help finding a designer near you look here.

Plants for Nebraska (coming soon)


Complete the current online application form and review this Application Guide to make sure yours is ready for submission. The application deadline is September 30th, 2018.

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Greener Towns 2018-2019 Application

2018-2019 Timeline

Greener Towns begins accepting applications for landscape projects on July 1. The deadline for applications is September 30.

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